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MedicReS Artificial Intelligence 
Community in

Health Sciences

Welcome to the MedicReS AI Community.
MedicReS AI is a community of academics and industry professionals working in the following fields of artificial intelligence-supported research in health.
Start Up's | Technology Development Centers | Companies | Universities | Associations | MOHs | Governmental Institutions | Hospitals | Venture Capital Firms | Pharma Industry



MedicReS AI Congresses are held online every February. Scientists and industry professionals from all over the world come together at this great meeting.

MedicReS TV

MedicReS TV is a private channel broadcasting 24 hours a day from the MedicReS Club platform and our MedicReS Youtube channel.

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Special study groups and field-specific programs are offered to our members and researchers working in the field of artificial intelligence with live workshops.


MedicReS AI course programs with paid and free modules are open to all researchers. Online courses are published on our MedicReS Youtube channel.


MedicReS AI Mag is an artificial intelligence magazine published quarterly. The magazine is published online and makes publications that follow the agenda.


Members can share their valuable opinions and ideas with our community on the membership pages.

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