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DECEMBER 22-23, 2023 | IN-PERSON 


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Pharma Industry | Hospital Information Systems - HIS

AI in Anesthesiology, AI in Blood and Marrow Transplantation, AI in Cardiology,

AI in Cardiovascular Surgery, AI in Dentistry, AI in Dermatology, AI in Emergency Medicine, AI in Endocrinology, AI in Gastroenterology, AI in Health Law, AI in Health Policy Management, AI in Health Professionals, AI in Hematology, AI in Immunology, AI in Infectious Diseases, AI in Internal Medicine, AI in Laboratory Medicine, AI in Neurology, AI in Nursing, AI in OB-GYN, AI in Oncology, AI in Ophtalmology, AI in Orthopedics, AI in Pharmacy, AI in Phychiartry, AI in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, AI in Plastic Surgery, AI in Psychiatry, AI in Public Health, AI in Radiodiagnostic, AI in Respiratory Medicine, AI in Rheumatology,

AI in Surgery, AI in Urology, AI in Veterinary

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,
We are thrilled to invite you to the Pre Congress Conference & Workshop in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria, which will take place on December 22-23, 2023, at the luxurious Leonarda Hotel. This event is a prelude to the eagerly anticipated MEDICRES AI 2024 - International Congress on Good Artificial Intelligence Practice & Innovation in Health Sciences scheduled for February 19-25, 2024.

Our commitment to the ever-evolving field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare has led us to organize this gathering. In the span of just a year, since our last congress in February 2023, remarkable advancements and breakthroughs have taken place in AI applications within health sciences. As we prepare for the main congress in 2024, we believe that this Pre Congress Conference & Workshop will not only serve as a knowledge repository but also as a platform for networking and collaborative learning.

Key Highlights:
Therapeutics: AI in Anesthesiology, AI in Blood and Marrow Transplantation, AI in Cardiology, AI in Cardiovascular Surgery, AI in Dentistry, AI in Dermatology, AI in Emergency Medicine, and many more.
Diverse Congresses: Review the latest developments from the 2023 congress and get a glimpse of what's to come in 2024.
Interactive Workshops: Engage with leading experts and participate in hands-on workshops.
Networking Opportunities: Connect with startups, technology development centers, universities, healthcare institutions, and industry leaders.
We encourage professionals, researchers, innovators, and enthusiasts from various backgrounds to join us in shaping the future of AI in healthcare. Your presence will contribute significantly to the success of this event.

We look forward to welcoming you to Vienna, a city known for its rich history, culture, and scientific heritage. Let's come together to explore the cutting-edge AI solutions transforming healthcare and forge collaborations that will drive innovation in health sciences.

MEDICRES AI 2023 Pre Congress Conference & Workshop

Scientific Program

"We will introduce our latest innovation and take you on a journey that pushes the boundaries of the future: Meet EPIS AI - MedicReS GPT.

Get ready for exciting insights into this next-generation GPT model that is reshaping the face of healthcare sciences."


December 22nd, 2023, Friday


Opening Session


Burçin AKICIER: "Digital Transformation in Healthcare"

Burak AKICIER: "Diverse Congresses: Reviewing the latest developments from the 2023 congress and Introducing EPIS – MedicReS AI"

EPIS AI - MedicReS GPT: "The Future of GPT in Health Sciences"

Arzu KANIK: "Get a glimpse of what's to come in 2024." Congress Chair


12.00-13.00 Lunch

Contributed Sessions | Oral Presentations



 December 23rd, 2023, Saturday


Contributed Sessions | Oral Presentations


Contributed Sessions | Oral Presentations



Suggested Subjects

The Evolving Landscape of Healthcare AI: Healthcare AI trends, challenges, and opportunities in 2024.

AI in Therapeutics: Advancements and applications of AI in various therapeutic fields.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: How AI is driving digitalization and changing healthcare delivery.

Ethical Considerations in AI-Enabled Healthcare: Addressing ethical dilemmas and ensuring responsible AI use.

Patient-Centric AI Solutions: How AI is improving patient care and engagement.

AI in Healthcare Operations: Streamlining hospital processes, supply chain, and resource management.

AI-Powered Diagnostics: The role of AI in accurate and early disease detection.

The Future of Telemedicine: Leveraging AI for remote patient monitoring and telehealth services.

AI for Drug Discovery: Accelerating pharmaceutical research and development with AI.

Social Media Analytics in Healthcare: Utilizing social media data for healthcare insights and patient engagement.

AI and Precision Medicine: Tailoring treatments based on individual patient data.

Healthcare Cybersecurity in the Age of AI: Ensuring the security and privacy of healthcare data.

AI Adoption Challenges: Overcoming barriers to implementing AI in healthcare settings.

AI and Healthcare Policy: Regulatory frameworks and policy considerations for AI in healthcare.

AI Startups Shaping the Future: Showcasing innovative startups in the healthcare AI space.

AI and Pandemic Preparedness: Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and the role of AI in future healthcare crises. 

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Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Artificial intelligence applications in health sciences help humanity lead a healthier life with the help of data science. The most important goal of MedicReS AI 2023 is to examine these studies on all topics in the field of health and to share the results.

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Diagnosis

Accurate Diagnosis is the most important step in defining diseases in health sciences. The support of artificial intelligence in these processes will be examined.

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Treatment

We will have the opportunity to examine the developments in treatment processes, the use of artificial intelligence in drug and vaccine studies, and innovative studies.

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Care

We will examine the contribution of artificial intelligence-supported applications and innovative studies to the care procedures in the hospital and home environments, where we have faced an aging population in recent years.

Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability

To move forward, sustainability is essential for any new work in the health sciences. Encountered problems and solutions will be evaluated.

Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Practices

Ethics is indispensable in health sciences. Valuable experts on the subject will discuss the ethical values in artificial intelligence applications.

Artificial Intelligence and

Bias is one of the most important problems we encounter in health sciences. We believe there will be significant discussions on bias in AI applications.


Unprecedented Velocity.
Impeccable Reliability.

Charles Babbage created a difference machine that adds and subtracts numbers. Instead of simplifying this machine, he produced the computer to improve it further. This computer he produced was a computer that did simple operations such as addition and subtraction.
At the point, we have come from Babbage,
AMD and HPE-supported Frontier made history as the world's fastest computer, surpassing 1,102 ExaFlops/sec in the Linpack study (digital linear software).
Developments in cyber security applications over the years have brought about the safe storage and processing of data.
Following the speed and security applications that form the basis of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data applications have been developing since 1956, and artificial intelligence algorithms are among the most ambitious fields today.
MedicReS AI 2023 is the first and special congress in its field that brings together all components in the field of health.

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Are You Ready to Accelerate
Your Business?

It is very valuable for Artificial Intelligence researchers and innovative start-ups to meet with the right planning, sustainable working methodology and the right investment platforms. MedicReS AI 2024 will also make a difference by bringing entrepreneurs operating in health sciences and investors together on the same platform.

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